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Position Statements

Position Statements

The Washington State Society adopts position statements to address current issues of significance to the membership of the State Society.  The position statements are approved by the State Society's Executive Committee and then by the entire membership.

The Society of American Foresters also has National Positions statements for issues of national significance that can be viewed at the national SAF website.

The WSSAF Policy Committee will be reviewing, updating, and developing some new Position Statements in CY2020 and 2021.  If you are interested in participating in this process, contact WSSAF Policy Committee Chair Darren Goodding at


Current Washington State SAF Position Statements

Addressing the Threat of Wildfire in the Wildland-Urban Interface

Considering the Contributions of Washington's Forests Involving Carbon Sequestration

Management of Federal Lands in the State of Washington

Professional Forestry Education in the State of Washington

Revision of the Olympic National Forest Plan

Harvest and Use of Forest Derived Biomass in the State of Washington

Sustainable Forest Management Can Achieve and Maintain Healthy and Productive Forests in the State of Washington

Washington DNR Trust Land Management

Wood Production on Washington's Forests

Working Forests Position Paper