Washington State SAF

Southwest Washington Chapter holds BBQ

Loren Hiner, City of Montesano’s forester, and also Washington State SAF’s Forester of the Year, invited the Southwest Washington Chapter out to Lake Sylvia to enjoy a BBQ and share stories with members, family, and friends. Loren’s wife and son worked in the covered area to set up food for the night while Candra Grimm signed in guests. SAF members Wes Vestal, Robert Marr, James Getchman, and Luke Ostwald made sure everyone had a place to park. Once people started entering the site, social hour was on. Everyone started lining up for the meal that the Hiners prepared. Pictured here, waiting in line for food, are the Lorenzs and the Rushtons.

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C:\Users\CGrimm\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\DSCF1175.jpg Loren Hiner serves up the hot dogs.

Once everyone was at the Lake Sylvia BBQ, Loren started the presentations and gave the floor to Dick Hopkins, Washington State SAF chair for a few comments. Loren then introduced Dave Houk of Grays Harbor County Conservation District to the group. Dave described a project he has been working on with GIS mapping and showed two maps he created. One map was of the land ownership of small forest landowners in Grays Harbor County and a second map showed the larger landowners in the county. Pictured below, Dave Houk and James Getchman discuss the small forest landowner map.  

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James Getchman was the next guest speaker. He talked about the importance of the Grays Harbor College Student SAF Chapter and his involvement in the Natural Resources club. He graduated in the top 14 on June 26. The next speaker was Luke Ostwald, University of Idaho Forestry student. He spoke about what their chapter activities and how much fun they have. Ron Schillinger, retired City of Montesano forester, talked about some of his past experiences in the forest and how proud he is of the interpretive trail at Lake Sylvia. He told us the story of Loren’s hiring process (As he was speaking a group of mature and young geese tried to upstage him and we all laughed). Ron is pictured below.  

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To end the night, Loren Hiner shared his personal forestry journey with us and we voted on donating to the Steve Stinson memorial scholarship fund. A good night was had by all and we went home with foresters pride for the community.  

By Candra Grimm