Washington State SAF

2020 WSSAF Foundation Scholarships Awarded

The WSSAF Foundation is pleased to announce that the 2020-2021 scholarships have been awarded to Alannah Cross ($1,500) and Sydney Potter ($1,500).

Alannah Cross is currently completing her remaining classes in the Associate of Applied Science at Grays Harbor College. She has been accepted into the Bachelor of Applied Science program beginning this spring.  Alannah decided to pursue a career in forestry after working as a crew member with the Washington Conservation Corps. As a crew member she spent 11 months working closely with foresters and biologists on projects across the Olympic National Forest. Last summer Alannah worked as an intern for Port Blakely. This summer she will be a forestry intern for the City of Montesano. In the future, Alannah plans to use her knowledge and skills to develop plans to improve the conditions of our forests and watersheds.

Sydney Potter is third-year student enrolled in the Earth and Environmental Science Program at Washington State University (WSU).  Her career goal is to become a forester. For the past two fire seasons Sydney has worked as a Wildland Firefighter. Her ultimate goal is to work as a forester and study the affect fire has on forests.  She is currently enrolled in a disturbance ecology class that focuses on disturbances caused by fire, pests, and pathogens. This fall Sydney will be working on an independent study near the Teton National Forest collecting data for her major forestry professor to use for teaching his students at WSU. 

Both Alannah and Sydney are active SAF Student members.  Congratulations to Alannah and Sydney!